About Us


Zjae Productions provides a wide range of services directed at entertainment and media. The services provided are, film, music, live theater, marketing, graphic design and media. The products and services provided has a wide range, from consumer to corporate, the common goal is to convey inspiration. Inspiring others to be great at what they do, meaning, they have to be doing something. Creating a marketing flyer for a client is the product, but encouraging them to be great at what they are doing is the service and they key to the success of Zjae Productions. The Unique Value Proposition of Zjae Productions is: “ You’re Great at What You Do, and it’s time that everyone should know it. Businessmen and women deserve a place that will see their vision and help make it a reality. Our core value that’s unlike no other is inspiration. We inspire your vision!” According to Merriam-Webster.com one of the definitions for the word inspiration means, “a force or influence that inspires someone”. Zjae Productions, influences through their different areas of productions for their different target markets.